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by Scotty
Jul 1st, '20, 10:17
Forum: Jokes / Funny Stuff / Games
Topic: Is that your KTM parked outside?
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Re: Is that your KTM parked outside?

Meme warfare huh? :-\ Bring it on!
Had someone parked a Gixxer outside, the barmaid would be concerned that people would think it some kind of special needs establishment...
by Scotty
Jun 30th, '20, 22:16
Forum: Latest Information
Topic: Any jobs going?
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Re: Any jobs going?

STOP RIGHT THERE! Before doing anything like delivery driving, watch the film Sorry We Missed You :shock:
by Scotty
Jun 30th, '20, 11:43
Forum: Dirt bikes, Green Lanes, MotoX and mud
Topic: Dirty ride ??? July 12th
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Re: Dirty ride ???

I'm not sure what the byways are like down Devon way, but something to be aware of is additional undergrowth that can hide nasties... :shock: We went on a ride with Wilts TRF on Saturday and did some great trails, some of which I hadn't ridden for years. After half an hour or so we were travelling i...
by Scotty
Jun 29th, '20, 21:33
Forum: Other Biking Events & Biker Friendly Places
Topic: Lynmouth ?
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Re: Lynmouth ?

Gotta disagree on that Simon the road from Cannington (Bridgwater) out to Minehead is quite pleasant, some lovely scenery around the Quantocks,Kilve, Watchet etc and some nice bendy bits thrown in for good measure, double whites all the way though so best done quite early in the morning or late at ...
by Scotty
Jun 28th, '20, 10:11
Forum: Bike Banter
Topic: The next saga of my biking journey
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Re: The next saga of my biking journey

Before lockdown Chicky and I visited Fowlups for brekkie and while there spoke to the sales guy in the KTM section - he said that numbers of the 890 Duke R coming in were really low, so demo bikes will be a bit thin on the ground. Having ridden the 790 I can confirm that it’s a superb bike, it steer...
by Scotty
Jun 26th, '20, 13:59
Forum: Trackday photos
Topic: My Castrol Racing Honda 929 fireblade Track bike build
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Re: My Castrol Racing Honda 929 fireblade Track bike build

Thanks, Went a bit overkill with the rear wheel, you can quite often get away without having to slacken the chain adjusters to get the wheel/chain off most bikes as there is enough slack just removing the blocks on each side and pulling the axle through but thought might be useful for someone who's...
by Scotty
Jun 24th, '20, 16:21
Forum: Ride Outs
Topic: taking a ride to seaton tonight
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Re: taking a ride to seaton tonight

I think my biggest grumble about riding in the rain is all the cleaning needed afterwards.... getting caught by rain is inconvenient, but I won’t set out for a road ride in the rain unless it’s a planned jobbie that I’ve organised for other folks with a stop-over somewhere (ie. inconvenient to cance...
by Scotty
Jun 24th, '20, 08:05
Forum: Mechanical
Topic: never buy again lube again.....
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Re: never buy again lube again.....

I've used Würth dry lube in the past - true, there was no flinging off over the rear wheel, because there was nothing there! Potentially the chain was nearing the end of its life but wear of chain and sprockets appeared to be accelerated when using the dry lube, chain adjustment became a weekly chor...
by Scotty
Jun 16th, '20, 16:18
Forum: Track Days
Topic: Castle Combe Noise Testing
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Re: Castle Combe Noise Testing

A 1000 would be asked to rev to 5500 for an ACU noise test, a 600 has to rev to 7000.
To appease the local noise nazis, Combe test to ¾ maximum revs, so on a modern 600 revving to 16k, it has to be held at 12k for the noise test.. %-(
by Scotty
Jun 12th, '20, 16:27
Forum: Bike Banter
Topic: Ride Out Advice?
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Re: Ride Out Advice?

Fair dos for the OP’s ambition to organise a ride-out, especially when relatively new to riding, but possibly the biggest lesson to learn from the exercise is not to announce it on Facebook - in that environment the organiser has no control over the event once it’s announced. As was the case, the wo...
by Scotty
Jun 12th, '20, 15:58
Forum: There are no stupid questions
Topic: Copper or no copper
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Re: Copper or no copper

Another cause of binding brakes can be the fitting of aftermarket levers - go for the top level brands such as ASV, Brembo, Harris and you’re paying top dollar for top-grade components. The temptation is often to make the bottom line the leading consideration in choice of levers. It may be less of a...
by Scotty
Jun 10th, '20, 15:06
Forum: Bike Banter
Topic: Spidery
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Re: Spidery

Possibly best not to store riding gear in the garage if you live in Australia :80: though the comments following the clip do mention that they’ll often settle in a crevice on the bike and make a move when the heat gets uncomfortable... best store the bike in one of those airtight covers in that case..
by Scotty
Jun 10th, '20, 14:25
Forum: Bike Banter
Topic: Groups of 6 from monday then ?
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Re: Groups of 6 from monday then ?

Just released by the coalition of riding interest groups in relation to the latest government information. The riders’ groups include the ACU, TRF, Triumph Owners’ Club, IAM, BMF, MAG, Biker Down, and VMCC. ... 100620.pdf
by Scotty
Jun 8th, '20, 13:24
Forum: Bike Banter
Topic: Can I Buy A Hayabusa If I’m A Beginner
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Re: Can I Buy A Hayabusa If I’m A Beginner

OK if you like hospital food and your life insurance is fully up to date I guess......