LLANDOW 2020 - Free place at our Llandow anyone???

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LLANDOW 2020 - Free place at our Llandow anyone???

Post by billinom8s » Nov 13th, '19, 19:30

Yes you can !

You can win a free place at our private trackday on FRIDAY JUNE 5TH 2020.

How do I do this you wonder???

Simple, just be a paid up subscriber to the forum by 9pm on Sunday 15th December.

A draw will then be made and then if yoy win you'll get the choice,

A place on our trackday (doesn't cover transport, accommodation, fuel or anything else - just the place on the day)


IF you have already paid for your place - you can get your money back.


You can give it someone else provided they are suitable for the group you choose.

Not bad for £10.
viewtopic.php?f=69&t=85626 to see how to subscribe :-bd
don't forget we are on twitter believe it or not !!!
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Re: LLANDOW 2020 - Free place at our Llandow anyone???

Post by Robbo87 » Nov 14th, '19, 12:27

Come on all you current Learners Drivers, you know it makes sense :D, it's only a tenner and look at what you get $-) .. . . . . . Just do it after the 15th December - more chance for me to get a free Llandow :)) :))

- - - - - - - - I'm JOKING Si' :shock: :shock: :shock: !

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Re: LLANDOW 2020 - Free place at our Llandow anyone???

Post by menzies3032 » Dec 4th, '19, 12:17

There I was promoting this on Facebook and on the Whatsapp broadcast and then grabbed my wallet to check my membership card and turned out my subscription ran out earlier in the month..... £10 annual fee pay paled asap :D

£10 for a years subscription with all the benefits and the chance of a free track day.... you would be daft not to

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