The way LLandow run their days

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The way LLandow run their days

Post by billinom8s » Jun 8th, '17, 16:51

This is copied from their website

As one of the smaller Circuits in the UK, Llandow offers a unique opportunity for Novice riders to gain confidence in a safe environment. With our Chief Marshal John, a keen biker who enjoys sharing his knowledge, you will be in safe hands.

First timers and less experienced riders are placed into separate groups of only 16 riders with either our Instructor or an experienced team leader.

All participants MUST bring a valid A or A2 motorcycle licence
A2 licence holders can only participate in the Novice group and must also bring with them their bike restriction certificate.

Riders are led around the track by team leaders who are responsible for setting the pace and showing riders “The racing line “

Only 3 Groups – Usually 1 Novice, 1 Intermediate and 1 Advance Group in 15 min sessions throughout the day. So plenty of track time for everyone. Please note, A2 Licence holders are only permitted to ride in the Novice group.

Separate groups allow for intermediate riders and advance riders to enjoy some technically challenging corners in a controlled environment.

On site paramedics, who are very experienced. In the event of an accident, our strict safety procedure means that you have medical professionals to hand – should the worst happen !

All participants are given a full safety briefing and our Chief Marshal is available for advice and guidance throughout the day.

A maximum of 17 bikes led by team leaders on the circuit at any one time, divided into groups according to ability.

The itinerary of our bike trackdays are:
8.30am Gates open - we try to get them open earlier than this
9.10am Signing on
9.30am Circuit Safety Briefing (will be announced over tannoy system)
10.00am – 5.00pm Track activities
1.00pm – 2.00pm Lunch break
3.15 – 3.30 pm Afternoon break

All bikes will be filtered on to the circuit from the start area and a chequered flag displayed from the control tower will signify the end of the 15-minute sessions.

Noise Limitation
In consideration to the local community, we operate a self imposed noise limit of 105db absolute maximum.

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