The circuit rules at Llandow - PLEASE READ IF TAKING PART

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The circuit rules at Llandow - PLEASE READ IF TAKING PART

Post by billinom8s » Jun 8th, '17, 16:51

This is copied from their website.

Circuit Rules

Before using the circuit all participants MUST:

1. Sign an Indemnity form
2. Be over 19 years old
3. Provide a full A or A2 motorcycle driving licence & bike restriction certificate when signing on
(A2 licence holders are only permitted in the ‘Novice’ group)
4. Be physically fit
5. Be a competent rider
6. Wear an approved helmet, leathers and gloves

No participants taking part shall have consumed or taken alcohol or any drug that will impair your
ability to ride/drive.

Participants must not race or compete against any other user.

The use of any form of timing equipment is not permitted.

Reckless or dangerous riding is expressly forbidden and anyone disobeying this rule may be
asked to leave. No refund will be made in these circumstances.

All participants on track days at Llandow Circuit MUST attend the Safety Briefing.
This instruction will include:

1. Rules of the day
2. Flag Signals
3. Entering and exiting the circuit
4. Overtaking and being overtaken
5. Driving/riding discipline
6. Circuit layout and potentially hazardous sections
7. Paddock driving/riding
8. Breakdown/incident procedures
9. Session stopping

Flag Signals
The circuit uses the following flags:

Chequered Flag
Indicating the end of the session
Yellow Flag
Indicating extreme caution and no overtaking
Black Flag
Indicating to return to the paddock and report to the Control Tower
Red Flag
Indicating session has been stopped. Slow down, return to paddock or assemble at the Bus Stop runoff.

Overtaking should only take place on the straights or exiting the bends. No overtaking in the bends and no cutting inside whilst approaching the bend.

Vehicle Condition
Participants must ensure that their vehicle is safe and fit for the purpose that it will be used for on the circuit.

A speed limit of 5mph applies at all times in the circuit paddock and the pit lane

Noise Limitation
In consideration to the local community, we operate a self imposed noise limit of 105db absolute maximum.

Any images and footage taken at the event including on board cameras are strictly for personal use only and not for any commercial purposes. If any imagery is of an accident you will make such imagery/footage available to Llandow Circuit free of charge and agree not to post such imagery/footage on social media sites including, but not limited to, YouTube and Facebook.

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