Swb Llandow exclusivity

Swb Llandow exclusivity

Postby billinom8s » Feb 13th, '17, 13:41

I always run Llandow as a first paid first placed service. You want your place, you pay for it and then your name goes on the list - simple.
I even give registered SWB and WB (Wiltshire bikers) first dibs at the places, until March 1st.

So with the deadline approaching I thought I'd remind those of you pondering as to if you are going to come and play, from March 1st I will be advertising the event EVERYWHERE :)): so don't complain if come May and you want to come and play that you have to go on the reserve list or there aren't any space left.


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don't forget we are on twitter believe it or not !!!
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