Muddy Ride 28th November

If you like to get dirty, dusty or just end up buried in a hedge, find it here.
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Re: Muddy Ride 28th November

Post by menzies3032 » Nov 11th, '20, 22:57

DaveH wrote:
Nov 11th, '20, 12:17
Some legal advice here ... kdown/amp/
Think that clear groups of 2 people max
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Re: Muddy Ride 28th November

Post by jer r1 » Nov 12th, '20, 22:52

And as many groups as you want, forty foot apart should do it. :-bd

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Re: Muddy Ride 28th November

Post by f0zzy » Nov 15th, '20, 16:25

I’m still up for going, feel sorry for the guy that gets paired with me though!!
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