Rear tyres, are more expensive ones worth it for the road?

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Re: Rear tyres, are more expensive ones worth it for the roa

Post by ptolemyx » Jun 5th, '17, 07:50

Sport Attack 2s are dead cheap at the moment as the Sport Attack 3s are coming on line. Have just put the "old" Sport Attacks on the Fazer thou' and transformed it from a nervous wreck into a proper hooligan tool :D

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Re: Rear tyres, are more expensive ones worth it for the roa

Post by Jug_Inspector » Jun 5th, '17, 08:30

Sport attack 2's have made it onto my hit list now then, as I've just read the blurb on their site and I like it. Having variable compound rubber rather than 2 compounds sounds good.

Checked out the M7RR and I'm starting to see I pricing pattern... £120 for a current'ish 180/55, £140+ for anything superdsuper, and £105'ish for an older model. I think I could probably buy anything and it'd feel alright to me.

My strom has/had Conti trail attacks on it and they behaved very well indeed for trail tyres, the front one is still on but the rear is now a cheap maxxis and it feels as good as the one it replaced. :-?

I remember back in the late 80's a mag did a tyre test review for the V-max, to find the best for it.
The conclusion was that none of them would last long or gripped under hard acceleration so just buy the cheapest/hardest you could find. Though to be fair, the V-max is not particular known for it's corning. :)):

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Re: Rear tyres, are more expensive ones worth it for the roa

Post by MellowYellow » Jun 5th, '17, 10:05

I'm quite new to this biking malarky. I've always had old cars and put on the cheapest rubber available.

Having graduated to a larger bike. I had a good old google for reviews and settled on Avon Storms. Then I tried Pilot Road 3s, and when the PR4 came out got some of those even though a bit pricey.

Good in the wet, and very long lasting (8000 mls. from the last rear). Not quite as 'sporty' as some but then, neither am I.
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Re: Rear tyres, are more expensive ones worth it for the roa

Post by cobrabuilder » Jun 6th, '17, 13:12

Have the conti sport attacks on my wife and my zx10r's very good for fast road riding touring and track days, in Germany at the mo doing great. Used them last year 3000 miles around Europe and a track day at llandau still wasn't worn out I fact we still on the fronts now only changed the rears, very cheap at 135 the pair including delivery one of the seller's on ebay

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Re: Rear tyres, are more expensive ones worth it for the roa

Post by badgerKDD » Jun 7th, '17, 19:34

spent a few years using Maxxis sport touring Diamonds, until my local dealer had Bridgestone BT021's on special, £100 fitted to loose wheel. difference was night and day, Bridgestones had a better profile and way grippier from the off. They were selling cheap because the BT023's had been released, so effectively the 021's were old hat. I've only now moved up to 023's because I had a 2nd hand virtually new rear sold to me ( off here of course ;) ) and put a matching 023 on the front as needed changing too. Can't say I've noticed a huge difference between performance but seem to be lasting well. My dealer only charged me an extra tenner for the newer model so I'll be sticking with that for a while :D .
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Re: Rear tyres, are more expensive ones worth it for the roa

Post by Ruffian » Jun 7th, '17, 19:38

Happily spend £200 on tyres as only thing that touches the floor.

The metzelers m5/m7rr are good but can square off but gotten around 2000 miles of playfull riding out of them.
The bt021 are more of a touring tyre and work well until asked for more than they can give as known them to slip a bit too easily for my liking
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