Ducati belts advise?

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Ducati belts advise?

Post by Ducaki » Mar 8th, '18, 23:38

Hi Guys.
I sorted the dirtbikes but keep putting off the Ducati belts. Anyone have any advice for me. It's a 4 valve engine. All the YouTube stuff involves tipex and counting teeth, was hoping to find something a little more technical.

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Re: Ducati belts advise?

Post by Ruffian » Mar 10th, '18, 09:11

Tippex is only there as a tell tale that the pulleys haven't moved. Do this on every engine, be it cam chain, belt or gears.

When I pull the covers and time the engine up, tippex the pulley to the block/head, I run the tippex across the belt, this way can count the teeth if necessary.

Lots of ducati''s have a harmonic frequency for there cambelts also, (to set tension) I would look into this before going too far just I'm case you don't have the correct tools.

Cambelts aren't technical, just concerning as a rubber band is all that holds your engine in time.
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