Short levers - a worthwhile upgrade??

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Re: Short levers - a worthwhile upgrade??

Post by Shooey » Jun 2nd, '18, 07:31

It’s never just as easy as first thought! Loads to consider. Good article here re. Pads.

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Re: Short levers - a worthwhile upgrade??

Post by Devon jeff » Jun 2nd, '18, 20:38

brake pads.... stay away from organic compounds, your metal sintered pads as obove will give you great all round performance, wet/road/track and would recommend these, if your looking for more performance then carbon pads are the way forward, but they will need heating up before coming good normally half a lap. (so useless on the road) SBS/Brembo/Bendix all make great pads, and i choose depending on price normally... My preference is SBS dual carbon pads as they do offer some good wet performance too if you get them hot enough, If you mix between between carbon and sintered pads you will need to clean the discs with scotch brite or such like, even emery paper ... Brake discs with a high iron content will also improve braking such as EBC prolite discs but will rust like **** if left outside

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