Gsxr front brake questions k3-k5 radial?

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Gsxr front brake questions k3-k5 radial?

Post by Ducaki » Jul 5th, '18, 17:14

Hi Guys
Looking into doing some mods using gsxr bits. So if anyone in the know could answer a couple of questions to aid my research, I'll buy you a cuppa or a pint if I see you.

1. On the radial gsxr's are the disc shimed as standard?

2. If they are shimed, what's the normal thickness of shims on each side?

Thanks Ducaki

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Re: Gsxr front brake questions k3-k5 radial?

Post by TLS-Moose » Jul 5th, '18, 20:44

Shimmed? As in spaced out from the wheel hub? I know of no manufacturer that sends bikes out from the factory like that ....
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Re: Gsxr front brake questions k3-k5 radial?

Post by Scotty » Jul 6th, '18, 12:32

Couldn’t say for certain but I doubt very much that the discs will be shimmed out, axial offset will be set by the hub width. Including a shim brings in a failure mode - home mechanic removes disc and shim and omits to replace shim on reassembly...
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