thanks to the knights of the road RAC

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tony volusia
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thanks to the knights of the road RAC

Post by tony volusia » Aug 31st, '20, 16:43

After three days trying to sort out a electrical problem i finally called the rac as i got full cover with them
the guy was here less than 10 mins when he found i had a break in a wire but the outer brown cable was in tact this is why i could not find the fault
as it was only happening now and then , so lucky it had got to the position to show on his meter , 5 mins later he had rewired that bit and everything was all back together ,
the rac chap was a bit of a biker and said you need to give it a run to check all ok so rode to tavistock not realising the rac bloke was following me so we turned back and headed back to okehampton and he just asked if all sounded right and felt right , i said yes and he said ok maybe see you out on a ride or two in future
so a big thanks to the RAC well worth the money being a member and he was with me in less than 30 mins of me phoning up and on a bank holiday monday as well

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Re: thanks to the knights of the road RAC

Post by Ming » Aug 31st, '20, 17:40

Ahh - but did you point him in the direction of the SWB forum? 👍

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Re: thanks to the knights of the road RAC

Post by bkingalan » Aug 31st, '20, 19:56

Glad to hear they sorted it out for you Tony and quickly to,makes up for when they left me on the road for 8 hrs and had to get someone else to pick me up when the SD had a electric problem 👍👍👍👍
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