Aftermarket exxhaust

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Aftermarket exxhaust

Post by Tigerxc » Feb 9th, '17, 17:06

I've decided to treat my Tiger XC to a rear pipe, I've narrowed it down to two possible that match what I want. It's either a S P Engineering oval polished stainless pipe or an MTC oval stainless pipe. I like the fact the S P Engineering pipe is unbadged unlike the similar MTC or Fuel pipe. The MTC is slightly cheaper and I get a discount through the Tiger forum. The added bonus is both are Uk manufactured.

My question is really about the SP Engingeering pipe its described as BIG BORE I was wondering whether it's going to be a lot louder than the MTC.

MTC have various u-tube clips of the pipe fitted on my bike unfortunately the only S P Eng. clips are for other bikes not mine.

Just wondering what others thought. :D

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Re: Aftermarket exxhaust

Post by scorcher » Feb 10th, '17, 08:53

My mate had SP exhausts on his Gen 2 Tuono. Instead of enhancing the sound (like Akropovic would) it made it sound like a noisy fart. I think a lot of that was down to the baffles, as they were ok with them out, just a bit loud!

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Re: Aftermarket exxhaust

Post by badgerKDD » Feb 11th, '17, 07:07

Depends on what you want from your end can, a more fruity sound or performance improvement? If the Triumph forum tends to favour the MTC then it may be because it suits the engine better than the SP one? Maybe email the manufacturers and ask for performance figures for your model Tiger?
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Re: Aftermarket exxhaust

Post by pieeater » Feb 11th, '17, 07:25

If it makes any difference to you MTC have a lifetime warranty on their steel and titanium cans (not carbon fibre) where as far as I can see SP only have 12 months. When I was looking at cans for my bike MTC were at the top of my list but FUEL had a 30% discount on so I ended up with one of their cans which I've been very happy with.

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Re: Aftermarket exxhaust

Post by goatpants » Feb 11th, '17, 15:04

Had an Arrow on my Tiger Sport but it was quiet. I bought a Beowulf can for the MT-10, very nice but I decatted it to enhance the sound a bit. :evil:
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