What do you do with a flat tyre?

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What do you do with a flat tyre?

Post by Stgeorge » Aug 24th, '17, 12:02

I know it's a stupid question!

I have a 1979 Suzuki A100 and when I went to ride it yesterday I found I've got a flat. It was fine at the weekend so I reckon I must have picked up a puncture then.

When this has happened before I've walked the bike a mile down the road to my local bike mechanic but he's on a fortnights holiday. The only other bike mechanic I know is 8 miles away so I can't get the bike to him. Places like National Tyres don't do motorbikes. The bike is my main mode of transport - without it I'm stuck on a pedal-cycle. :(

Any suggestions?


(I'm in Tiverton, by the way.)

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Re: What do you do with a flat tyre?

Post by Jug_Inspector » Aug 24th, '17, 12:59

If it happens when I'm on my Vstrom I have a full repair kit under the seat. I'd just plug it and re-inflate with the mini compressor.
If it happened whilst I was out on my SD I'd call AutoAID breakdown, then repair the tyre with the kit once back at home, or have it professionally repaired or replaced.

In your situation I'd either repair it with a plug or fit an inner tube, maybe it already has tubes?
If so I'd get the tools, learn to remove the tyre, patch it and ride on.
That's what I did for my trail bike (spoked wheels, tubes and MX/Enduro tyres). Was a PITA having to use tyre places all the time and it really isn't that hard once you figure out the technique, and get a good set of levers.

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Re: What do you do with a flat tyre?

Post by Ducaki » Aug 24th, '17, 14:00

Suziki a100 will be on inner tubes. Please don't try plugs as it would be a right old mess. I'd say you want a puncture repair kit, tyre levers and a pump.
Plenty of good how too videos on YouTube or I'm sure someone could show you how.

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