cheapest bike insurance

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cheapest bike insurance

Post by billinom8s » May 21st, '07, 11:02

i had this come through today, someone may be able to make use of it and save a few quid.


This must be the best deal ever for motorbike insurance.

If you are aged 21 or over, we will now GUARANTEE to give you the cheapest
online price for your motorbike insurance*.

Whatever you ride, wherever you live, whatever your circumstances you will not
get a cheaper insurance quote than with The Bike Insurer. Here's how to do it;

1. Compare insurance brokers with The Bike Insurer by clicking here -

2. Usually, we will quote you a lower price anyway than you will have had online
but in the rare event we are more expensive - just call Freephone 0800 089 0328
quoting the word 'BEAT' and one of our friendly team will lower the price over
the phone for you.

Its that simple!!

*The Small Print

You may need to provide the details of your best quote so we can check the level
of cover is the same.
don't forget we are on twitter believe it or not !!!
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Post by fjrnobby » May 21st, '07, 11:55

Just renewed my insurance on FJR 1300 through Saved £80.00. Fully comp for £108. However not everyone who has used them has saved. Again may be worth a go.
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Mike Daytona600
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Post by Mike Daytona600 » May 21st, '07, 20:37

fjrnobby wrote:Just renewed my insurance on FJR 1300 through Saved £80.00. Fully comp for £108. However not everyone who has used them has saved. Again may be worth a go.
How much? :shock:

You must be 210 years old :wink: :lol: :lol:

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Post by Dave » May 27th, '07, 16:33

I've just done mine though that link.

Got fully comp (SD&C), with 3 points.

Listed that the bike has changed screen, aftermarket exhaust, scotoiler and heated grips.

Got it for £286. Not bad :wink: I think I paid that last year but that was without the points and I did not declare all the modifications.

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Re: cheapest bike insurance

Post by rocky112 » Jun 28th, '11, 06:56

That link is really good. Thanks.

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Re: cheapest bike insurance

Post by ZX6Rich » Jun 28th, '11, 16:46

Handy hint I found when doing my new insurance is whack the excess up to max a take excess insurance saved me an extra £40 and don't have to pay any excess :D may not wprk for every one but worth a try!!
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Re: cheapest bike insurance

Post by Streetmann » Feb 1st, '20, 19:19

To be fair I only pay £115 a year fully comp on the z750s and excess is 100 quid so I was happy 10 years no claims through bikesure 👍

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Re: cheapest bike insurance

Post by Fozz » Feb 2nd, '20, 20:07

Im multibike so less than £300 covers Bmw xr,595 Daytona and Sv 650.

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