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Post by gixerdrew » Jul 16th, '06, 07:37

Very Topical - saw a guy start his bike yesterday. He forgot he put his padlock through the rear brake disc :shock: - but I noticed in time & reminded him.

Thought just occured to me, maybe he's done it a few times before & he has worked out it causes less damage if the lock is put on the rear rather than front :D

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Post by baz-R » Jul 16th, '06, 07:45

chris_1127 wrote:i had a xena disclock with an alarm on it before - it was a motion sensing one so went off if you got on the bike without taking it off. Was a lot heavier than a regular disclock but quite useful, and only about 30 quid I think
me too i still have it very handy i have never had that problem pf trying to ride off with it still on
trying to keep my cyl. heads off the ground :lol:

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Post by XxSimownxX » Jul 16th, '06, 20:24

hahahaha thats really clever! lol i want one! :D

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Post by Mike Daytona600 » Jan 20th, '07, 19:40

Good idea if you haven't got much space to fit a lock under the seat like a lot of bikes with underseat exhausts.

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