rip off tracker registration

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rip off tracker registration

Post by baz-R » May 26th, '10, 12:09

hello peeps not been on here for ages (sorry) but i just got me a new bike. it has a tracker fitted and thort i would give you all a heads up on the change of owenship fee of £30 then a yearly reg of £60 for the type i have fitted(thats the lowest) or £156 for as long as i own the bike. (would be another £199 on top if i had it fitted new)
had no idea of thease fees when i bought the bike
as i get 0% off my insurance but needs to be operational and registered if i notified my insurance i can see its well worth it :?

so i had it removed from my policy :roll:

i did know a guy i did a bit of work for who had one fitted to his nicked car and turned out it was in south africa when thay tracked it down and nothing could be done about it!

i think the best idea would for me to go for some other form of security
trying to keep my cyl. heads off the ground :lol:

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Re: rip off tracker registration

Post by b12 » May 7th, '11, 22:01

Keep it in your front room that's where mine is going when its finished ?

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