Tracking device?

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Tracking device?

Post by Dazza22345 » Dec 14th, '12, 18:20

Hey everyone,
Anybody got any experience of tracking devices? How good they are, prices, best ones, insurance discounts etc.?
Was thinking about getting one for my bike just for a little extra security, as really can't afford for it to go missing!
Failing that what would be the best alarm to get?
Thanks in advance

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Re: Tracking device?

Post by scorcher » Dec 14th, '12, 19:22

Not too many places you can hide a tracking device on a bike. OK if your local constabulary are on the ball and straight on the case, but with the cutbacks I wouldn't count on it. Probably better off with an Almax Chain and something decent to chain it to. At the end of the day if they want it , they'll have it.

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Re: Tracking device?

Post by billinom8s » Dec 14th, '12, 19:40

Go for ground anchor, decent locks.
Alarm wise, spyball, Meta, datatool - alarms are as good as your budget really. I have no problem with either of mine.
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Re: Tracking device?

Post by Rsv4Col » Dec 15th, '12, 14:46

i had a trakker fitted on my Rsv but only cause the alarm gave me so much aggravation and Bridge did me a deal on alarm removal and trakker fitting.
I will never have an alarm fitted again after getting stranded at haldon cafe just before the summer rideout and for the amount of insurance discount you get they arent worth the hastle.
Never had anything fitted on my RSV4 and the insurance never asked me to get anything fitted either.
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Re: Tracking device?

Post by PeterHalls » Dec 27th, '12, 09:31

I bought spy-ball and never had any issues with it. Good device to rely on.

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Re: Tracking device?

Post by Super1ight » Jan 6th, '13, 15:14


I'm after one off these tracker thingers just so I can get insurance on my bike with all the mods declared. Anyone had issues with insurance due to declared mods??

Cheers Pablo

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Re: Tracking device?

Post by goatpants » Jan 6th, '13, 15:35

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