Reasonable multibike insurance

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Re: Reasonable multibike insurance

Post by kwacky » Dec 27th, '17, 21:33

I've used Carole Nash for years but recently I've found them to be very expensive and I don't think they offer a true multibike policy. The last two years have been a struggle with them. Most of my biking life I've had two bikes. When I've swapped a bike it's been pretty painless, but this year when I swapped a Z1000SX (group 14) for a Versys 650 (group 9) they cancelled my existing policy, started up two new policies and wanted to charge me an extra £270 for the privilege.

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Re: Reasonable multibike insurance

Post by Dailaughing » Jan 10th, '18, 08:51

The admiral multi car seems to be easy to change although as with you they charge more for a lower group vehicle. I will get them to quote on the bike as well but will probably stick with separate policies (although when a car and two bikes get smashed up by a drunk driver when they were parked before Christmas and you have to make three calls about it you wonder if multi-vehicle would be a good thing!)
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Re: Reasonable multibike insurance

Post by Kata » Jan 10th, '18, 10:57

Found Bikesure was OK for two bikes last year.

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Re: Reasonable multibike insurance

Post by R6 STU » Jan 13th, '18, 19:01

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Re: Reasonable multibike insurance

Post by graham22 » Jan 17th, '18, 09:25

Kwacky - what's the other bike you have, see you have a 650 Versys but what's the other?

There's not many multi-bike insurers in the market and some have very wierd 'pillion use' restrictions (eg 1st Gen Busa OK, 2nd Gen not OK!) - my money's on this being the reason they cancelled.

It may be a case that 2 seperate policies may be more suitable if the bikes are quite different or perhaps look what bikes, if any/either need to carry pillions.

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Re: Reasonable multibike insurance

Post by Gimlet » Jan 30th, '18, 20:46

kwacky wrote:I've used Carole Nash for years but recently I've found them to be very expensive....
You're telling me. Got an online quote from them for my Super Duke and they wanted £479. Hastings Direct on The Bike Insurer site would do it for £168.

Bemoto who I'm currently insured with offered multi bike cover for the SDR and my 1190 Adv for £463. That's steep as well. Should be able to cover both bikes separately for well under £400.
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