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You are of course welcome along to any Southwestbikers rideout, however your bike must be in good mechanical order (we don’t want anything falling off of it including you), taxed and have a current MOT. You must have a valid motorcycle licence and current motor insurance. You are in charge of your motorcycle at all times and SWB will not accept any responsibility for actions you take or any accidents you may have. Always ride within your own capabilities and do not put others at risk. Remember, while you are on a Southwestbikers rideout you are representing the site and what it stands for.

Don't forget......ANYONE can organise and run a rideout.
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Re: First one 2020

Post by bkingalan » Jan 13th, '20, 21:06

Thanks Brian a great ride like usual & Andy for TEC good to see everyone out in the new year can’t wait until the next one 👍👍👍👍👍
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Re: First one 2020

Post by Robbo87 » Jan 13th, '20, 23:20

Red5 wrote:
Jan 12th, '20, 22:07
Gutted to've missed this mornings ride :((

Finally caved in to buying an electric 12v pump with a screw on nozzle, works but not carrying that with me on every ride out :))
Great rideout chaps. Ta to Ptolemyx for organising, leading and generaly uberlieutnant-ing the day (Hail Brian!!! :D :D :D) - and to Andy for TEC-ing us so well :-bd . . . . . . . and no-one visited the scenery on the day - result! Still, Red5 WAS absent so this may explain it :mrgreen:

Talking of Red5's tyre woes, I found this on the interweb thingy, may well be of interest - it's a US made mini tyre inflator and I believe is available here through Amazon amongs others at around the low £30's; check it out:

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