rideout - Sunday,15th December - newbie friendly

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You are of course welcome along to any Southwestbikers rideout, however your bike must be in good mechanical order (we don’t want anything falling off of it including you), taxed and have a current MOT. You must have a valid motorcycle licence and current motor insurance. You are in charge of your motorcycle at all times and SWB will not accept any responsibility for actions you take or any accidents you may have. Always ride within your own capabilities and do not put others at risk. Remember, while you are on a Southwestbikers rideout you are representing the site and what it stands for.

Don't forget......ANYONE can organise and run a rideout.
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rideout - Sunday,15th December - newbie friendly

Post by billinom8s » Oct 22nd, '19, 22:25

Yep, about as close to silly season as I like to get.

Out to play on some fun roads.

Was thinking of having a run out to a cafe further south, drink hot drinks and eat some good food that's bad for you.

Followed by more fun roads and home before the cold sets in.
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Re: rideout - Sunday,15th December's))))

Post by bambam » Oct 23rd, '19, 08:54

Will be travelling back from a family do so a no from me.

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Re: rideout - Sunday,15th December

Post by Shooey » Oct 26th, '19, 15:45

Unbelievably it’s in the diary for 7 weeks time! This is unusual .... this planning malarkey!!

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