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Johnnyb wrote: Jul 7th, '08, 15:36 We had a new RAF copper posted to our quiet little station when i was in the RAF and he was a total knobber straight from the word go, so after cutting halfway through the frame on his pushbike so it collapsed as he rode up the road (which was pretty funny as it fell into two parts actually) we decided a total lesson was in order and when he went on leave we gained access to his room and sprayed it liberally with the firehose after we had emptied all the garden centers for miles around of their watercress seeds and by the time he got back off leave his room was covered in a layer of cress, bed, carpets, clothes, anything the cress could get a grip on. the sh1t hit the fan after that little episode but they never did find out who did it......... :D
Epic, cant wait to give that one a go!!!!!!
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