Breaking Down

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Breaking Down

Post by BMF » Aug 10th, '17, 18:55

Hi Peeps,
I'd like to say thank you to the guy on the bike that stopped to help me today outside Powderham Castle when my bike decided to die on me. This guy was on his way to Exeter and I was on my back to Dawlish with what I thought was an ABS fault (lamp flashing on dash) but appears to be generator trouble as the battery which is less than 18 months old was as dead as a dodo, the guy gave me a bump start which worked and so I continued on home to Dawlish but only managing to get to Starcross where the bike died again right by the Courtney! While walking to the station and contemplating what to do this guy rode back past towards Dawlish, turned around and came back after seeing me walking and checked I was Ok, he said he would normally offer a lift but did not have a pillion seat just a hump where the pillion seat should be. He said that he too lived in Dawlish and I'm hoping he is a member here (didn't get his name), I think he had a Fireblade, it had an iffy number plate but looked in pretty good nick.

Anyways, If this was you then A Big Thank You to you for your assistance :-bd :-bd :-bd
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