Any supermoto riders out there?

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Any supermoto riders out there?

Post by Ducaki » Apr 5th, '18, 19:42

Just wandering if anyone rides a supermoto. Don't see many around these days compared to 10 years ago.
Also I can't get me head around the supermoto slide. Not sure I ever will but if you have any tips on setup and technique I'm all ears?

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Re: Any supermoto riders out there?

Post by Scotty » Apr 6th, '18, 09:41

Jaagsxr (Justin) rides a supermoto, not sure if he frequents the forum much but he’s booked into the fast group at Llandow so if you’re there I’m sure you’ll be able to witness plenty of banzai late braking and other Moto foolery. I’d expect John to give him some stick during the briefing too on account of his choice of bike.
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