Teignmouth bike fatality

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Teignmouth bike fatality

Post by layne » Sep 27th, '20, 16:08

Hope this isn't anyone from here?


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Re: Teignmouth bike fatality

Post by billinom8s » Sep 27th, '20, 20:46

Kim sent me a link to this earlier. Recently the road from town to ashcombe has been home to quite a few TT heros so unfortunately it was on the cards.

I wasn't aware of the closure or air ambulance attending though and I only live down the road from the Location.

Will post up if I hear anything.
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Re: Teignmouth bike fatality

Post by Mervin » Sep 27th, '20, 20:57

Yup sad day for sure , I use that with the truck road leaving the docks heading out sometimes if the other road is blocked by traffic, got told by the boss not to use it again the other day when i totalled £200 worth of mirrors ,
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Re: Teignmouth bike fatality

Post by menzies3032 » Sep 28th, '20, 10:03

Just had a boiler repair man up who lives in Ven farm and he said that he could not get in our out of his road all day. The Police shut the road for most of the day it seems. Very sad news indeed. Thoughts and respects to the family and friends of who ever he / she was
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