Ratchet tie-downs and trailers.

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Re: Ratchet tie-downs and trailers.

Post by awkwardbydesign » Oct 16th, '17, 08:50

Dailaughing wrote:Paranoia is useful sometimes

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Re: Ratchet tie-downs and trailers.

Post by Jug_Inspector » Oct 16th, '17, 11:10

Dailaughing wrote:I do use secondary straps now I have them but do not tighten those as much because that would slacken the main straps. They are just there to keep the bike from disappearing off down the road without me if the main straps do give up in an accident.
Yup, I made up fixed length straps for use as catcher straps (for my DRZ).
This was made with the hooks from a previous ratchet strap and some blue nylon rope.
Idea being that if one strap breaks (or comes undone) it will stop the bike being dragged off the side by the other strap, and will hold the bike up but at an angle and so it will be immediately obvious something has failed.

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