Looking forward to the sprited ride outs of 2018

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Re: Looking forward to the sprited ride outs of 2018

Post by Robbo87 » Dec 11th, '17, 16:47

Ducaki wrote:Robbo can't find ACU mentioned on my paperwork. Lanyard killswitch were needed.
Mablethorpe is finding it difficult to keep the numbers up, despite a big speedway and flat track following in the area. Probably about 60 riders.
What's the cheapest and easiest way into grasstrack Robbo?
Ducaki: Best way to get some background on motorcycle grasstrack racing is by going to the dreaded Faceberk, type in Grasstrack Banter, set aside lots of time and start reading up. If you like what you see, get onto 'Grasstrack bikes and parts for sale UK (F/B again) to see what's about.
I see you reside in the best part of God's county :)): message me with contact details and I'll bend your ear forever about all things grasstrack, sidecars in particular but I know a little about the weird world of grasstrack solo racing too. Yonks ago I raced a 2-valve Jawa solo grasser once or twice, have also been known to grace a Speedway track in the dim and distant .......Then I discovered the true meaning of life has three wheels :) :) :) .
My road bike's just for fun, it keeps me in touch with the black stuff and its jockeys and, because it's a middle-aged Aprilia, I get plenty of spannering in - and that's good practise for the above :D :)): :D

Nearly forgot . . . . . . . . for some great pic's, go to Memories of Grasstrack (F/B again), lots from nineteen-hundred-&-frozen-to-death ones there, but lots of recent stuff too.

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Re: Looking forward to the sprited ride outs of 2018

Post by Ducaki » Dec 17th, '17, 23:37

Cheers robbo
Any chance you have any links that doesn't involve FB :-)

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