Police Bike Safe Guidance

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Police Bike Safe Guidance

Post by menzies3032 » Aug 24th, '18, 20:54

Been a while since I banged this drum so thought I would once more.

I have to say that Bikesafe made a big difference to my riding. Having the police say to you they do not want to be a kill joy but they also done want anybody being killed on the road either made a lot of sense. Years after doing the very cheap bike (as they normally cost less then £40 for the day) I still ride using many of the tips and techniques that they suggest.

If you have not looked at this before or not heard of it check out the web site and take a quick look at the link below

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Re: Police Bike Safe Guidance

Post by Ming » Aug 24th, '18, 21:29

Did one of these in Barnstaple about 5 years ago when I got back into road riding after years on trail bikes. Copper assigned to me was a bit of a laugh and we ended up "making progress" around North Devon and it must have looked like I was being pursued by a copper in full gear on his police RT 1200!

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Re: Police Bike Safe Guidance

Post by ptolemyx » Aug 25th, '18, 06:14

I was booked to do a day in Barnstabubble earlier this year. It was cancelled cos' one of the coppers fell off his bike. That's the honest truth folks!
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