Just a little ride

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Just a little ride

Post by Nellywelly » Aug 31st, '18, 16:09

Only went out for a little ride!
Ended up in Gibraltar!
Fantastic ride!! :-bd .
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Re: Just a little ride

Post by MellowYellow » Aug 31st, '18, 16:28

That's the trouble with cheapo Chinese satnavs
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Re: Just a little ride

Post by TLS-Moose » Aug 31st, '18, 19:45

MellowYellow wrote:
Aug 31st, '18, 16:28
That's the trouble with cheapo Chinese satnavs
=)) =)) =))
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Re: Just a little ride

Post by menzies3032 » Aug 31st, '18, 22:10

See what happens when you use the bike to pop out for some milk. Just be careful the monkeys don’t swipe one of your panniers :-)
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