Phew that was close

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Phew that was close

Post by menzies3032 » Jul 3rd, '18, 12:27

Ok people a bit of a storey and a moral tail below..... :-bd

So this morning was a bit late for work and needed to get moving. As I always do I drove the 100 yards to a T junction which connects to the main road out of out housing estate. We live at the top of the hill and there are about 20 houses past our turn off so there is very minimal traffic the ever drives past the T junction. Experiance has sold me that only 1 in 25 times ish do I actually need to stop at the junction for this reason and can normally keep going. This morning being late I decided to subconsciously play the numbers and keep moving and not stop at the T junction. You can not see up or down the road until you get to the T so being sensible as I arrived at the T looked right for anything that might be just about to hit me (nothing there) then looked left (by which time the car was already coming out of the T junction) and there was a bus driving down the road.

We both performed an emergency stop and were a fair distance from each other so were never going to hit but it did required some decent reflexes on both our parts.

Clearly my fault and my error I was quick to apologise and take responsibility for the incident at which time the bus driver was keen to point out my miss givings to make it clear to his passengers and to me how silly I had been.

One think did jump out at me though in the bus drivers rant he highlight a small child has been thrown forward in the emergency stop.

Moral of the storey........

1. Never assume!!!!!! Look first then move. I am the 1st person to say speed does not kill lack of attention does and was very close to proving my own theory this morning

2. If you are on a moving vehicle and it stops suddenly you will go flying so what’s the plan. If your on a bike you better start practicing your superman impression and ware clothing which will protect you. But if your in a car, van, bus then seat belts are there for a reason and they will save your life so put the things on before you start moving.
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Re: Phew that was close

Post by Millsyboy » Jul 4th, '18, 05:33

I made the mistake once of being behind a single car at a junction and I could see a clearing for car in front to go so I started moving and next thing car in front has wacked brakes on and stopped so I goes into back. Thankfully not very fast. Idiot saw an ambulance at the end of road and decided to emergency brake, even though it wasn't flashing and was miles away.
But yes my mistake.

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Re: Phew that was close

Post by Jug_Inspector » Jul 4th, '18, 08:08

I've been hit from behind at a roundabout before. Young girl behind me saw a gap and decided that I would obviously go so she set off straight into the back of my brand new company car.

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Re: Phew that was close

Post by Kata » Jul 5th, '18, 09:50

Good item Menzies. Worth a reminder.

I have also been hit in the back whilst waiting at a roundabout. Car behind me thought I was going to move off but I didn't. Had brakes on so didn't come off but the back end had to be replaced.

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