Only £20 k

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Only £20 k

Post by MellowYellow » Nov 1st, '19, 16:24

Have you noticed that anyone going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster is a maniac ?

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Re: Only £20 k

Post by ptolemyx » Nov 2nd, '19, 06:45

Personally, I fought tooth and nail to emigrate from the shitty of Bristol and am in denial of ever having anything to do with the place. Wouldn't be seen with that plate....

Also wouldn't be seen driving a Puke-eot :mrgreen:
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Re: Only £20 k

Post by Ming » Nov 2nd, '19, 09:02

I thought it was 20 grand for the bridge....

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Re: Only £20 k

Post by MikeZ » Nov 3rd, '19, 18:26

Yeah but delivery would be expensive

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