scam bike clothing sites

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scam bike clothing sites

Post by Mervin » Feb 5th, '17, 21:06

just seen this on another forum , and if you read the terms and conditions you will see that one has been copied from Harrods , and the other from Helmet city

I just got the below information from Infinity motorcycles news letter

Infinity Motorcycles News

Beware - Scam Websites

28/07/2016 16:05:00

Please beware of the websites" onclick=";return false; &" onclick=";return false;.

They are both fake phishing sites. They display impossible deals on motorcycle gear to try and get you to provide your card details and address to them. We cannot say clearer BOTH THESE WEBSITES ARE A SCAM.

Neither have contact details - no address, no phone number, no email; These are all required by law to be displayed on a website. Both have copy and pasted their entire Terms & Conditions page from other websites, even failing to change the name of the website they stole it from.

We want our customers to be as protected as possible. If you have purchased something with either of these websites we suggest you contact your bank and cancel your cards.

We hope to make everyone know of these scams. If you visit forums or social media please inform your fellow riders of them and make sure that there are no more victims of these scams.
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Re: scam bike clothing sites

Post by chr1s » Feb 6th, '17, 16:09

Noted. Cheers for the heads up bud. I've shared on another forum too.

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