wet weather kit

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wet weather kit

Post by billinom8s » Jan 17th, '18, 22:53

Well it would seem that my kit is finally giving up the ghost. The last few trips out i've been caught in the rain and it's started to leak.

I've had my Bering kit for a good 16 years now and have had my moneys worth i reckon :)): :)):

So does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations of kit?

warm, dry, comfy, dry, warm and dry please. :)):
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Re: wet weather kit

Post by Ducaki » Jan 17th, '18, 23:20

Rukka if I still rode through the winter. It's how I imagine being back in the womb.

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Re: wet weather kit

Post by goatpants » Jan 18th, '18, 00:16

Running on MT

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Re: wet weather kit

Post by Tractorwackyracer » Jan 18th, '18, 21:48

Klim for me :8o)):

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Re: wet weather kit

Post by Gimlet » Jan 20th, '18, 23:28

I've got Dainese Gortex and there's nothing wrong with it but I'd buy laminate next time and Rukka is the best. Gortex is good, it works, but feels clammy when it does rain because the waterproof layer is next to the skin so you feel wet even though you're not.
Rukka for me next time.
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Re: wet weather kit

Post by Mervin » Jan 21st, '18, 11:30

Ford fiesta works well for me :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :D :D
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Re: wet weather kit

Post by Scotty » Jan 26th, '18, 08:31

A mate of mine swears by the one-piece oversuit he bought for £15 in Lidl (or Aldi, I forget which), totally waterproof and a fraction of the cost you’d pay for anything comparable from a bike shop.
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Re: wet weather kit

Post by Smiler » Jan 30th, '18, 17:12

Ask Kinkypimp, but Klim is meant to be pretty hard to beat
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