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Tom Tom Help

Posted: May 1st, '19, 20:01
by wildstar
I got a truck Tom Tom a few years old and since i tried to update the maps i cannot now get it to lock on to a gps signal.I was told the subscription probably expired and they want £200 for lifetime maps. Is there a way to update them on the cheap or someone know how to sort it for me
Cheers Ian

Re: Tom Tom Help

Posted: May 2nd, '19, 08:02
by ptolemyx
Sorry can't help.....

Get a Garmin :-?

Re: Tom Tom Help

Posted: May 2nd, '19, 13:46
by Jug_Inspector
It should still get a lock even if the subscription is up. It just won't update the map is all that should happen. It's likely it's just a setting that has been changed.
Are you normally good with stuff like that?

Re: Tom Tom Help

Posted: May 2nd, '19, 14:18
by menzies3032
I have had many Tom Toms over the years and if you have tried to do a map update or you have left it with no charge for a long time then the Tom Tom will do what’s called a “Cold Start” rather then the usual “Warm Start” basically the difference between the two is that on a warm start the Tom Tom knows were the position of the satellites were the last time you had the unit switched on and therefore can reconnect to them very quickly.

For a cold start it does not have a clue so has to search the entire sky to find the satellites. This can take 30mins to an hour to connect and get a signal but once it has found it your into warm starts from then on.

My advise. If you can position the sat nav in a place where it has a clear view of the sky (ie not under a roof or in a cab that could interfere with the search) leave it plugged in so it does not turn off. Go to bed and by the morning it should be connected and your good to go. :-bd

Re: Tom Tom Help

Posted: May 2nd, '19, 19:14
by wildstar
cheers Menzies thats what has happened so i will plug it and leave it overnight