...more delay and political infighting

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...more delay and political infighting

Postby MellowYellow » May 17th, '17, 10:00

Have you noticed that anyone going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster is a maniac ?
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Re: ...more delay and political infighting

Postby layne » May 17th, '17, 11:56

#152 Straights are for fast bikes. Corners are for fast riders
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Re: ...more delay and political infighting

Postby billinom8s » May 17th, '17, 12:32

Someone really doesn't want it to go ahead now do they :(
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Re: ...more delay and political infighting

Postby Red5 » May 31st, '17, 21:10

Lets be perfectly honest here, It's been a great idea but it just aint going to happen. if it was, we'd be watching races and enjoying track days already. 4 years and just corruption and politics. AKA... BS. :))

Try to be glass half full but in this case there's the reality aspect. RIP you girt big COW
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