CoW - Scathing

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CoW - Scathing

Post by layne » Feb 17th, '17, 22:16 ... ly-risky-/" onclick=";return false;

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Re: CoW - Scathing

Post by billinom8s » Feb 18th, '17, 07:58

Sounds like someone is not a fan of motorsport or introducing new industry into impoverished areas.
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Re: CoW - Scathing

Post by r1dave » Feb 21st, '17, 22:25

This is how such projects usually turn out... Someone comes up with a grand plan, promises all sorts of benefits (usually jobs), gets some kind of government/council funding or, even worse, guarantee, siphons off a decent amount of funding to their own companies, then it goes belly up owing creditors a small fortune.

And who's left carrying the can? Yes, the taxpayers and/or ratepayers.

I'll leave it to you to decide if this fits the pattern

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