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Re: Track Day's Q & A

Post by Scotty » Sep 2nd, '15, 15:33

Which bike/tyres/oil/brake pads/master cylinder/brake fluid/tyre warmers/generator/front stand/leathers/helmet/gloves/boots/back protector/van/loading ramp/gazebo should I use?
There's currently a thread on this very subject in the Cafe slate on the TrackDay Riders forum - for anything that a Trackdayer wishes to know, be they experienced or a novice thinking about having a go, the question will have been answered somewhere on the forum. Registering is free, plus TDR members get a discount with No Limits too.
One thing that I'd suggest, and it's covered in the thread mentioned above, is if you wish to learn about a subject, the first thing to do is Use the Search Button! It is fairly tedious for regulars of any forum to see new members asking the same basic questions repeatedly.
If you want to learn about trackdays, then go to and get learning
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