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Re: 600 tracks

Post by awkwardbydesign » Jul 18th, '17, 14:13

menzies3032 wrote:So I think I am getting the jist of the message which is keep learning and stop blaming your equipment. Which to be fair is a sensible shout. Perhaphs more rider training is in order. :oops:
15 years ago I was able to run in the fast group at Cadwell on an SV650S. I wasn't as fast as the big bikes, but they were predicable, and my lines were good enough not to get in their way. The only time I had a problem was when some numpty went out on his mate's bike and couldn't ride it. He was so slow I ran into the back of him approaching the Gooseneck! We didn't crash but I bent his exhaust. Being cautious I would only overtake him exiting the bends, and he would promptly pass me on the straights. In the end I got so pissed off with him I shoved him out of the way going into the hairpin and never saw him again!
I bought a Fireblade after that, highsided at Radar (the old Anglesey circuit), and decided that I was the limiting factor, not the bike. So back to an SV, which is more fun and not too far beyond my capabilities. Not braking at the end of the straight at Brands, just knocking it down a gear and accelerating into Paddock Hill Bend, past the big boys who have just overtaken me, is a giggle.
I'm now 68, have several injuries, so I have put myself back into the novice group. But the mixture of riders in that group can make it more dangerous than the fast group!
Oh, and I always try to get some tuition at trackdays; following an instructor who rode a racing SV650 is how I learnt about knocking the bike down a gear (v-twin engine braking) at some corners rather than braking. So try to find an instructor on a bike similar to yours. Following an instructor on a thou at Donington is how I managed to go into the gravel at Redgate. No damage, except to my pride, and avoided a ride back in the trailer of shame.

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Re: 600 tracks

Post by shammy666 » Jul 22nd, '17, 07:47

Anglesey Coastal is worth the treck of a drive!!
Just hope you don't get the weather I had yesterday, was tad wet and windy.

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Re: 600 tracks

Post by menzies3032 » Jul 22nd, '17, 08:58

Looking at the photos did you ride it or swim it :)): =))
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