For anybody who doesn’t bother watching WSB

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For anybody who doesn’t bother watching WSB

Post by menzies3032 » Feb 26th, '18, 19:00

Hi all thought this was worth posting

I like watching all the Superbike racing from British to World and to Moto GP.

I am conscious World SuperBikes has not got the following that it used to.

If you thought it’s not worth watching you might want to take a look at this You Tube clip of the 2 race of the opening round and you might want to think again.

With some rules being changed this year it’s clear the racing is closer then ever and was really good to watch with 5 bikes aiming for the same corner and the Yamaha team mates basically doing a lap side by side trying to overtake each other. Great racing
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Re: For anybody who doesn’t bother watching WSB

Post by MellowYellow » Feb 26th, '18, 19:03

Just like daily on the A4174
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