Billinom8s - suspension

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Billinom8s - suspension

Post by Atomic » Apr 26th, '16, 16:22

Big thanks to Simon for setting up another bike for me. Despite the limited adjustments on the CBF it feels a lot better. Riding back in the snow didn't help with the testing but I had already felt the difference prior to the downfall..

On another note he also adjusted the chain. Apparently it's not supposed to be able to hit the swingarm. I will let the dealer know for future pre-delivery inspections. :80: I had informed Simon that it seemed a bit slack. I didn't expect it to be that slack or the wheel nut to be so loose !!!

I won't name & shame the Honda dealer in Yeovil

Cheers again

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Re: Billinom8s - suspension

Post by menzies3032 » Apr 26th, '16, 18:41

And we wonder why motorbike garages are going out of business and can't keep customers. The crap we get to hear about.........

Well done Si yet another quality job and happy customer. Perhaps you should set up your own business 8)
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