Guide to Posting Images

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Guide to Posting Images

Post by TLS-Moose » Dec 12th, '10, 21:43

The Definitive Guide to image posting

Ok...a lot of folks seem mystified by how to post an image on the board. Not ususual, it can be confusing at first.

First off there are 3 types of posting:

1. submitting an attached file
2. linking to an online image
3. Linking to an image on an image hosting site

Attached files:
Easy to do if your image is small enough. Look carefully at the bottom of your message box (when replying or creating a new topic) and you will see the File Attachments section.
Note the maximum file size in bytes allowed. Move the decimal point back 3 digits to the left and you have the kb(kilobytes) allowed (example: 55000 bytes = 55kb). your windows explorer (or my computer) RIGHT-click, (that is the right mouse button, not the left button silly!) the image and select properties. It will tell you how large the file is. If it is smaller than the maximum file size you are ok.

Go ahead and write your entire message, then preview it. Then browse to your file location on your PC and select the file you want to attach and Post (or add reply), no more previewing!

Linking to an online image:
Linking generally allows you to add a much larger image to your post but has some drawbacks.
If you are using a free webspace provider like Geocites or angelfire or any of a dozen others they may not allow remote referrals. A remote referral is a file called from one site by a page on another site. They do this for a simple reason, they want to limit how much bandwidth is consumed by their site.

Just because you link the image and the post looks okay to you does not mean it worked! If you viewed the image recently it is pulled from your PC's disk cache rather than the site you are linking from. It looks fine to you but no-one else will be able to see it.

The easiest way to check this is to post with one browser and then try to open the post in another browser.
(example: Internet Explorer to post, Netscape to view).

Okay, now how exactly to link an image. First click the Image IMG button at the top of the post editing screen (its a square box with a picture of mountains in it), a popup window will show up.
Next, in a second browser window look at the image you are trying to link, RIGHT-click it (that's the right mouse button, except for lefties), and select properties. You will see a URL for the image, copy it! Drag mouse over it and then hit control-c or right click and select copy. In some browsers you can also do a right-click and select, copy image location.
Go back to you first window and paste the entire URL into that window. You can overwrite the default http:// Just make sure the full URL is there. It should start with http://

Then preview and your image ought to be there!

Linking to an Image Hosting site
Largely as above, first sign up to a site such as, Image Shack, Postwhore, etc., and follow the instructions to upload your pictures to the hosting site. Once the image are uploaded, generally you will get several "code" options. These are listed below each picture in your gallery. Highlight the one that says "IMG" and copy the whole string (including [IMG] tags) then paste into your post where you want them.

Hope this helps a few folks!
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