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BBC [Censored]

Post by bkingalan »

The bloody BBC never have anything to do with bikes yet today because of the riders who lost their lives this year they spent ages discussing it wether it should be banned giving the snowflakes more ammo !!!

Well done to Steve Plater for standing up for the TT
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Re: BBC [Censored]

Post by billinom8s »

Yeah I read last night that the flakes were out in force again.
The IOM government told them to do one.
don't forget we are on twitter believe it or not !!!
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Re: BBC [Censored]

Post by Scotty »

it's sadly predictable that the Mainstream Media outlets never bother writing a word (maybe BBC NI are an exception as road racing is big news there, plus they actually celebrate having a local world champ in Jonny Rea) about racing returning to the Island after a three year absence, or Hicky joining the 4-in-a-week club. No, nothing, not a word.... but if there's a tragedy then they're all over it with their sanctimony and opinions about how the competitors should be saved from themselves. There's nothing that winds me up like the opinions of the ignorant and uninformed being forced forward like they're important and they matter.

Can the circuit be made safer? I'm sure they'll have looked pretty hard at every possibility. Perhaps something will be considered for the sidecars as I believe that both fatal crashes occurred at Ago's leap - maybe they got air and flipped? (Apologies, this is speculation) Perhaps front aero assistance as per MotoGP to keep the front of the outfit down, or (and I hate myself for even thinking about it) something to slow the outfits down before the crest so they don't launch off it at full chat.

The dangers and consequences are known to the competitors, and it's their choice to participate. Since the circuit was dropped from the GP rota in 1976 nobody has had to race there against their will or better judgement. As long as they're allowed to, let them get on with it.
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Re: BBC [Censored]

Post by Bilko1000 »

I agree with everything you say Scotty people should have the right to self-determination and be free to follow dangerous pursuits if that enrichens their lives.
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