Hello from the Cornish Riviera

Introduce yourself and meet your fellow riders. Please don't forget to mention how you found us.
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Hello from the Cornish Riviera

Post by Nigelw6 » Apr 11th, '18, 21:32

Hi folks,

I am relatively new to riding having passed my test at the early age of 54 in the Midlands. I moved down to Cornwall 3 years ago. Quite a different terrain to urban living and have just bought a Tiger 800 for commuting and general riding. I am eager to get more experience of the cornish roads hence registering with the site.

Looking forward to future events and enjoying the Tiger.

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Re: Hello from the Cornish Riviera

Post by menzies3032 » Apr 12th, '18, 20:18

Hi and welcome to the forum. I am personally up in Devon but I know there is a large following in Cornwal and also the Bike meet up at McDonalds in Hayle (not SWB arranged) has a large following and normally has a great turn out for you to meet new faces.

Outside of that keep an eye out on the SWB ride out page as with the sun starting to make an appearance you will see more and more rides you can join in.
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Re: Hello from the Cornish Riviera

Post by billinom8s » Apr 15th, '18, 11:33

Hi Nigel, welcome to swb.

You've got some pretty nice roads down your way, shame the tourists tend to block them up.

See you soon
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Re: Hello from the Cornish Riviera

Post by Fozz » Apr 15th, '18, 19:38

And an excellent bike in the Tiger 800.Had one for 5 years.

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Re: Hello from the Cornish Riviera

Post by spear » Apr 16th, '18, 17:37

Hi Nigel, we might have passed each other a few Sundays back down your way, only seen a few bikes and one was a white tiger! Anyhow is there a good date for you to get out over the next few weekends as I like to make the most out of the Cornwall coast road before the school holidays again? We could post up a ride out starting down your way and head up the coast for fish & chips somewhere, and just say the ride ends around Boscastle we can do a few inland roads to get you back on the A30. I will PM you my number, cheers spear.

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Re: Hello from the Cornish Riviera

Post by badgerKDD » Apr 22nd, '18, 13:06

hello and welcome, I'm over in Camborne but work in Druth ( Redruth). If when the weather is better, you fancy a couple of hours one Tuesday or Thursday evening (thats when I'm working on private jobs but can always bin off for a bike run), either PM me or I can also PM you my number. I pop down to Hayle Bike meet every once in a while so kep an eye out for an old school Gsxr in Black 'Sheene' tribute paint job.
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