Triumph fan in Taunton

Introduce yourself and meet your fellow riders. Please don't forget to mention how you found us.
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Re: Triumph fan in Taunton

Post by MrAliT » May 9th, '19, 21:15

Thank you all for the warm welcome 👍

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Re: Triumph fan in Taunton

Post by Red5 » May 14th, '19, 17:24

Hi Alistair,
Welcome to the forum, or welcome back... Sounds like you're pretty hectic. If you can spare an evening, there's a friendly ride tomorrow, Wednesday 15th starting from newton Abbot. Or on a track day somewhere soon...

:D :)
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Re: Triumph fan in Taunton

Post by Paulpen » May 19th, '19, 18:27

Hello fellow Tauntonian :)

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