44 Year old Noob

Introduce yourself and meet your fellow riders. Please don't forget to mention how you found us.
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44 Year old Noob

Post by Keeno » Sep 23rd, '20, 19:39

Hello and thanks for letting me join!

44 year old noob from Stokeinteignhead Devon, got the itch to ride green lanes/off road about a year ago after getting fed up with mountain biking (peddling mainly) and passed my test.

Originally from Manchester but relocated to Torbay about 20 years ago. To one of the best parts of the country for laning.

I mainly ride off road apart from the odd bit of tarmac in between lanes/trails etc. Looking forward to meeting a few of you guys out on the trails!


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Re: 44 Year old Noob

Post by billinom8s » Sep 23rd, '20, 19:54

Ow do noob, welcome to swb.

It would seem we have net before on a scummy devils run a few months back.

Dive on into the forum and enjoy.
don't forget we are on twitter believe it or not !!!
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Re: 44 Year old Noob

Post by f0zzy » Sep 23rd, '20, 21:43

Welcome from a fellow noob. Can attest to the friendly nature of these guys in the flesh as well as on the board. Hope to see you on a muddy ride at some point *attending my first in a week or so).
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Re: 44 Year old Noob

Post by Dan_RR » Sep 23rd, '20, 22:13

Welcome Sean, think you cleared up si's confusion there :wink: , f0zzy, Sean should be at the same ride, no pressure though we were all newbies once :-bd
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Re: 44 Year old Noob

Post by Keeno » Sep 24th, '20, 10:18

Cheers Guys!

See you on the 3rd

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Re: 44 Year old Noob

Post by menzies3032 » Sep 24th, '20, 19:12

Hi and welcome to the forum. Hope that you enjoy it here and have lots of fun.
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Re: 44 Year old Noob

Post by MikeZ » Sep 25th, '20, 07:56

Hi and welcome from Bristol, i must admit the only offroad i do is when i get it wrong on the tarmac.

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