Newbie to the South West

Introduce yourself and meet your fellow riders. Please don't forget to mention how you found us.
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Newbie to the South West

Post by GlobalMongrel » Jan 31st, '20, 13:08

Afternoon, Evening, Merry New Easter and all that.

New to the forum, but also to the South West. Just relocating to Falmouth for work and as a result will be looking for people to ride with and show me about. Favourite cafes etc.

I have a few bikes, but will be only bringing my Triumph Tiger 800 down to Falmouth. Will be looking for info on ride outs weekends and evenings. Subject to work schedule I might even get a weekday as well.

Look forward to riding with you all.

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Re: Newbie to the South West

Post by menzies3032 » Jan 31st, '20, 17:40

Hi GlobalMongrel

Welcome to the forum.

Sounds like you have come to the right place. A couple of our moderators are based in Cornwall not far from you as well as several of our members. As you will get to see there are ride outs most weekends (that tend to be more Devon based), there are pub meets and some of us (myself included) also enjoy the odd track day or 10....

We don't stand on ceremony if you want to arrange a ride yourself your more then welcome. Head over to the ride out section where you will see some guidelines on running a ride.

If you don't want to miss out check back here on a regular basis, also you can follow the Facebook page (link in my signature below) where I try to publish and promote any activity we have approaching. Also I will send out WhatsApp Broadcast to anybody who wants them, letting you know there is something going on (if you want to add yourself to this then PM me your mobile number)

As I say hope you have fun and meet lots of new people from here on your travels.

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Re: Newbie to the South West

Post by billinom8s » Jan 31st, '20, 21:23

Hey there mongrel, welcome to swb. I see you took the message from twitter.

Like as been said, dive on in and explore. See you soon.
don't forget we are on twitter believe it or not !!!
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Re: Newbie to the South West

Post by Red5 » Feb 8th, '20, 16:57

Hello there Mr Mongrel...

2020 is yet to really kick off. Plenty of ride outs throughout the year. You're a bit far West for the majority of ride outs but depends on how keen you are and commitments.

Enjoy the forum and catch you on a ride out soon enough :) :-bd \m/
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Re: Newbie to the South West

Post by Robbo87 » Feb 8th, '20, 18:41

As per' Red5 Nick, welcome to arguably the best biking region in England - there's lots of it too; so perhaps it's time for some of our members based west of the Tamar to get a pasty-land rideout (or several) organised.
Come on Cornish lads and lasses, get something going, we don't mind crossing into the dark side west of Devon occasionaly :mrgreen: .

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Re: Newbie to the South West

Post by GlobalMongrel » Feb 9th, '20, 10:51

Thanks for your replys, there appears to be a bit of Devon/Cornwall banter then. Always happy to ride around the counties.

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Re: Newbie to the South West

Post by bkingalan » Feb 9th, '20, 15:57

Hi and welcome Lee we do venture your way on run to the bun later in the year, by the time we get your way the sun will be coming up and a bit more of a socialable time than for us more eastern people 👍👍👍👍👍
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Re: Newbie to the South West

Post by Jay » Mar 4th, '20, 08:08

Hi welcome to SWB, I'm located in Truro, so if you fancy a blast give me a shout....
Also see the rideout section for rideouts....
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Re: Newbie to the South West

Post by Htangye » Oct 17th, '20, 18:20

Cheers Jay👍

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