Meet the staff...

Meet the ones that try to keep this place running and you busy
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Meet the staff...

Post by Smiler » Mar 17th, '13, 21:22

Hiiiiiya :)):

Ooh where to start.....

Um, we'll.....I've been biking for about 10 years and absolutely love it!! It was something I always wanted to do and despite not knowing ANYONE into bikes, I booked my training and test, bought a bike advertised in the local rag and I guess the rest is history!!

My current rides include a 600 Hornet, affectionately known as Lottie ~ we've been all over the UK together, and enjoyed several trips abroad too! She's also been seen kicking up her heels on track too :wink: I also have a cbr600rr for sunny days and playtimes :)):

I've done a few track days ~ what an amazing experience!! ~ but I don't consider myself a particularly fast rider. I'm more than happy to ride to a pace that people are comfortable with.

For me, bike time is about good roads, good company and finding great places to go....I've met some fab people through SWB, I've taken part in some superb events and rideouts too.....and as such, I'm happy to be 'staff' on here and be able to give a little back :ymhug:

Oh yeah .....cake, I do like a nice bit of cake :)):
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