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Post by TLS-Moose » Apr 2nd, '13, 22:13

Apparently I need to introduce myself ........ :oops:

Right then, how to describe myself ....... Old, fat & grumpy :wink: I pootle about slowly at the back of the pack, desperately hoping I don't get left behind .......

I am not a "born again" biker as I have never been without a bike since passing my test some 30 years ago now. In that time I have covered a fair bit of Western Europe at various times, with many visits to the infamous endurance races at Le Mans & the Bol d'Or, the Alps, Pyrenees, Vosges, etc.

I have successfully killed Ducati's in France (twice), a Moto Morini in Wales, and various Guzzi's, Suzuki's and Kawasaki's in a surprising number of places ........

I don't tend to change bikes frequently - whilst my MV F4 is a recent arrival, I have had my TL1000 for something like 13yrs now, and a Katana for 12yrs before that ..... Although there have been others that have arrived and passed in shorter timescales

Anyway, hopefully we'll meet on one of the rare occasions I dare to dig one of the bikes out from the back of the garage - I'll be the confused looking fat guy at the back on the quiet, unassuming black or red bike ~x(
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