Changing bike for a bigger one

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Changing bike for a bigger one

Post by jack23 » Apr 16th, '18, 22:16

I might be panicking a bit but I'm about to change my bike from zx6r to zzr1400 and I get this stage fright like feeling obviously it's a bigger, heavier and more powerful bike
I guess quite a few of SWB members have been there before so my question is -is there anything tricky about it- word of advice would be much appreciated


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Re: Changing bike for a bigger one

Post by billinom8s » Apr 17th, '18, 06:18

There's a few questions I guess.

Can you support the 14?
How long have you been riding?
Learn to ride it before you try to ride it hard.
Be gentle with the throttle.
Handling and all the characteristics will be different so be careful.

I would say most importantly take your time and listen to what the Bike is feeding back to you. If you try to ride it like the 6 you'll end up in trouble.
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Re: Changing bike for a bigger one

Post by Jug_Inspector » Apr 17th, '18, 08:05

Initially the weight is going to be the biggest change.

Why did you buy it, did you feel like moving more towards touring?

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Re: Changing bike for a bigger one

Post by Ruffian » Apr 17th, '18, 10:24

The zzr 1400 is an amazing bike,
One which can do most things, rustle along b roads, tor continents or just the daily commute.

They are proper power also but only when you wind them open to the second power band. If you keep the revs down will ride like a diesel. Loads of torque.

The zx6 will be more agile and the weight of the zzr is low down so won't be too much different.
Only time you will notice the difference is if there lying on there side.

Just take your time and learn it gradually. They can try to encourage you.
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Re: Changing bike for a bigger one

Post by jack23 » Apr 17th, '18, 13:31

Well I lift weights for sport so I guess I can support it if that's what you mean
I've been riding for few years I did my licence about 13 years ago on a 250 an I soon as I recive it I jumped on a hornet 600 for few years then I had a brake about 3y for financial reasons and one day during this period I saw zzr1400 parked in lime regis and I simply fell in love with it so i braised my self saved money but I knew I can't just get on bike big like that hence my zx6r I did about 3000miles on it and now I had this opportunity so I bought the zzr.
Touring is definitely what I would like to do but I'm pretty sure that this bike will give me much more, when I'm ready obviously

Thanks guys I really appreciate advice I just do what I did with my Honda years ago I should be fine just need to man up a bit

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