We're gonna be holding a raffle soon.

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We're gonna be holding a raffle soon.

Post by billinom8s » Aug 26th, '18, 23:27

So here's your chance to either donate a prize or win some prizes.

It'll be a simple system.

50 numbers
£2 a number

Payment via PayPal, as a gift so no charges, with the message to include what number/numbers you would like.

This will be run on a first paid, first allocated basis so to avoid missing out could you please include a couple of alternatives with your selection?

Names will only go on the list when payment has been made.

If you are feeling kind and generous and would like to donate a prize, be it a service or item, please do not post up on here as to hat it is. If you could kindly pm me the details and i'll give you a shout back to arrange stuff.

The draw for the winning numbers won't be made until all 50 tickets have been sold.

We'll open the draw on Sunday Sept 9th and the prizes that are available will be listed. You will of course be able to donate prizes up until the time when all the tickets have been sold.

The prizes will be listed and put into a bag.
The numbers will be listed and put into a bag.
One piece of paper will be drawn from each bag and the prize will be awarded to the corresponding number.

Random and simple.

Thanks for supporting us.
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