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Bike Chariot Carry for Charity

Post by See Bike See Life » Jun 24th, '16, 11:27

Hello, My name is Lee and I'm a biker fan but not a rider. I am reaching out to all in the hope to raise awareness for and to motorbike users. Here is my story:

Back in January 2016 our family was hit with a devastating phone call that a member of our family had been involved in an accident.
It turned out that our eldest boy Ashton had had a car pull out on him at a junction as he commuted to work early one morning.
This is turn caused a series of breakages to his bones and more severely a major brain trauma which we later found was inoperable.
He was rushed to Southmead in Bristol where he received around the clock care and attention.
We sat by his side day after day, night after night and with time he slowly regained consciousness. He was moved from the Intensive Care Unit onto a Neurological Care Ward where he made brilliant progress and received the all clear to go onto a specialist hospital closer to home.
From there he again made massive steps and progress showing us all that he was indeed willing to fight for this second chance he had been given.
Now I can thankfully say he is home with his family and friends and continues to make us all proud with the great progress he makes every day.
We are blessed to have this young man back in our lives and for him to have survived this massive ordeal.
So to show our appreciation myself, family and a few friends are carrying his bike from the point of accident in Yeovilton to the place where he began his incredible journey in Southmead, Bristol.
We are raising funds for the three organisations that have helped him and us through these traumatic few months and primarily want to raise awareness to road users to look for bikes.
The organisations are Southmead Hospital Charity, Headway Somerset and South Petherton Community Hospitals League of Friends
As I said we have been blessed to have him back, when so many don't evn get that second chance. But for those that do then the care they receive should be top class and without these charities then that would not be possible.
So please help us help others and give what you can to help fund these great, amazing organisations to do what they do best and save lives.

Thank you x
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